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The Fourth Sector — For-Benefit Organizations?
20 January, 2008, 1:59 am
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There is a great deal of discussion about the ever-blurring boundaries among and between nonprofits, for-profits, and governmental organizations. Earned income strategies, cause-related marketing, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurism, and venture philanthropy are all well-known examples of outgrowths of the relations among and between various types of organizations. A popular idea is that eventually a fourth sector will emerge to provide needed services in ways that are influenced and informed by all three sectors.

To read ideas about the Fourth Sector, visit this site. Also, read this paper published by the Nonprofit Sector Research Fund about potential new legal forms for Fourth Sector enterprises. Other interesting papers include this one from the Nonprofit Sector Research Fund about innovative approaches to solving social and economic problems, as well asĀ this one from the Aspen Institute about visions, opportunities, and challenges for the business and nonprofit sectors.